Why Using GameFly Makes The Most Sense

It’s 2019

It’s 2019 and it’s safe to say that in today’s market, there is an inflation going on. Everything is expensive and nowadays you’re paying $60-$120 on a brand new video game. Long gone are the days when you can just go down to blockbuster and rent a game for a couple of nights when you were on a tight budget. Or you can always just finesse Gamestop. What do I mean by that? Well, when I was younger i used to buy games from there and try to beat it within 7 days so that I can return it in time for a full refund. But those were the days before I had responsibilities. Who has time to keep up with stuff like that anymore.

GameFly is Pretty Affordable

They have different membership levels that give you flexibility for your specific needs. All of the membership levels are pretty affordable and range from about $9.99 and up. I mean to me, that beats going to the game store every week just to try a new game which can add up pretty quickly.

They Have a Wide Variety

Gamefly has new releases as well as old releases and you can usually have out a few games at a time depending on your membership level. However ,you have to stay on top of it because popular titles can get out of stock quickly and then you’ll have to be on a waiting list until the next title is returned.

They Give You a Free Trial!

One of the best part’s about Gamefly is that they give you a free 30 day trial in which you can test them out. They are pretty much trusting you with their inventory and allowing you to play their games for free. Don’t they deserve your business?

How I Know My Ex Would Have Off’d Me

In this day and age, you never know who you’re gonna meet due to all the photo editing technologies we currently have. Honestly, the photo part was a little irrelevant I didn’t even mean to go that far yet. I mean, because looks aren’t that big a deal right? LOL. Right. Anyways, when you meet somebody these days, you like to trust that they are who they say they are and you try to give them the benefit of the doubt right?

You Can’t “Credit” Trust These Days

You can’t front or credit trust these days and when I say that, I’m saying it from experience. I used to be the type to not question things and automatically believe something someone would say, why? Because to me, it’s like, who lies about certain shit? It’s pointless and things are gonna come to the light anyway. Don’t people usually think like that? NO. If everybody thought like that, there would be no such people as liars. Trust is not a given, it is earned. Now that doesn’t mean going and questioning every single thing that the person says, just don’t be naive. So when you meet somebody, watch them for a few months and remember every tiny detail.

Remember Every Tiny Detail From Every Story

One thing that I have learned about people over the years, is that they love to tell their story. People love to feel themselves and they love to talk about themselves. Often times, when these people are telling these stories, they fill the story with lies or exaggerate to make the story more interesting. Often times, throughout the month, they will repeat the same story multiple times. However, watch for the slight variations in the story each time the story is told. True stories are told the same exact way every time. Tall tales sound different each time. When you notice this, don’t confront it right then and there, the person will most likely make you feel like you’re mentally insane and making things up, and I promise you, YOU’RE NOT CRAZY. You know what you’re talking about so don’t let them manipulate you into thinking otherwise.

I Did My Research

Now this is where it gets interesting, I found out who were ex best friend was and got the scoop. That’s the secret. Befriend someone who hates her guts and wants to ruin her relationships. Act like you and her don’t even talk anymore and befriend her and she’ll throw so much salt on that girl that you’ll find out things that you didn’t even mean to find out LOL. Also, find out if any of your friends know her or heard of her and try to get the scoop.

Use Your Online Resources

I used my online resources to learn something about my ex that I never would have thought that I would find out. I kept seeing the little online ads that I can sign up for a trial and only pay $1 and then I can run a full background check on anyone I want? All I have to do is pay $1 and I can have all this information in my face? Wow

So I went to this website and searched for her and I found out that she did time for assault 1st and I also pulled up articles and learned that she is involved in a lot of domestic violence. Yea, she had to go.

Wow, for paying a measly $1 for a trial to this full background check website, I dodged a bullet (maybe literally).

Why “DROID” Smartphones Are No Longer “COOL”

Okay so we’re nearing 2020 and it’s been almost 15 years since the first touch-screen phone came out. If I’m wrong, don’t sue me. I think it was 12-15 years ago. Keyword, “I think.” I was in middle school actually when I seen the first ever touch screen phone. I want to say it was called the voyager. I was so fascinated by this newly-found touch screen device, that I actually stole it out of this girls’ locker that I went to school with (I eventually returned it). At the time, these touch screen phones weren’t IOS or Android, it was just plain and generic. Who would have known how much power would be behind these smartphones in today’s age.

So you’re in the car with your middle-schooler and you pick up your phone to respond to a text (while you’re parked in your driveway of course, because texting while driving isn’t cool), and that snotty-nosed little brat says to you, ” Why don’t you get an iPhone”? You sit there and wonder how could he or she have said such a thing after you just spent over $600 on that new Samsung Note or Galaxy. The answer is simple. Trends. Trends, and the people that follow them.


Android smartphones are extremely powerful and it has its pros and cons when in comparison to Apple devices, however, it just seems that iPhone’s take the cake when it comes to the social aspect. Fortunately, I am at a perfect age of 24 where I was able to watch everything evolve. I remember when once upon a time emojis and apps like Instagram we’re only accessible using the iPhone.

Also, there are applications that are exclusive to only iPhone users. The iMessage and Facetime features that are built into all Apple products remain one of the main differences between iPhones and androids. The fact that we can call and text other people securely over iPhone to iPhone encryption with or without cellular data will always win over many purchasers. Androids have other options for video chat such as Facebook messenger and Skype but these are 3rd party applications and are not built into the operating system.


I don’t know if you’ve been watching music videos lately and commercials. I don’t know if it’s just me, or does everyone have an iPhone in these movies? Sometimes they may put a different logo or call it something else, but you in your head know that they are trying to make it look like an iPhone. Even in the game GTA5, the iFruit. Yea, nice try Rockstar but we know what you were trying to do there lol. But yea, you get the point. It’s like everywhere you turn, you see someone with an iPhone. You could be watching your favorite movie and one of the characters’ phone rings, and it’s the signature ring tone for the iPhone.


Let’s be honest, the price point shouldn’t be a good thing, but we live in an era where we have to fake it till we make it. The most expensive iPhone out is over $1,200 and guess what, there are millions who will buy them every year. Why? Because you look rich if you have an iPhone. We’re all guilty of it. Most would turn down a brand new LG phone, and instead opt for a cracked iPhone 5s.


For some reason, people just go crazy for iPhone’s. I don’t know what it is, people just go crazy for them. As long as Apple continues to release them, people will continue to buy them.

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